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About Me

Hi there fellow Fur Parents, my name is Deni

and I am the Fur-Mum of Preston,

a gorgeous little 9-year-old Moodle with some serious attitude.


My Story

To fill you in a little about why I started WAGS n' CO…


Preston suddenly started suffering from itchy skin a few years ago and was itching and scratching himself like crazy. I had moved house and thought it was the grass or a plant of some kind and the vet put him on medication to ease the itching.  At the same time, I decided to try out some healthier food options for him but couldn’t find anything at the supermarket that didn’t have fillers or preservatives in them, I just wanted something more natural, minus the grain, although not expensive…. so I did a little research.

That’s when I started making his dinner, cooking human-grade turkey mince and mixed fresh veggies (sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, broccoli, beans and spinach).  I also added Turmeric powder for his sore back leg joints as he has Luxating Patella’s as well.  Within two weeks the sores all over his body started disappearing and he actually stopped itching like crazy!!  I still wasn’t sure if it was from the Vet meds or the food, so I stopped the meds and voila, he hasn’t scratched since.

Instead of buying him his treats from the supermarket, I also started baking dog cookies and dehydrating different meats (with NO additives) myself using natural products and still have heaps more recipe ideas I am eager to try.  His current fave is the Blueberry, Peanut Butter & Banana Cookies and he will do anything for the Turkey & Veg Jerky!

I realised that the dog food and dog treats you buy from supermarkets and pet stores alike, all seem to have added extras in them that just aren’t good enough for our furry friends, which is why I now make all of my own treats using only 100% natural human-grade food products.  I also use organic ingredients where possible and only grass-fed meats.  If I can’t eat it, then Preston can’t either!

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