After the recent, devastating floods that affected South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, hundreds of pets have either been separated from their fur-parents due to evacuation orders or have been left homeless with no supplies alongside their humans. 


The loss across these areas is unfathomable, with families losing everything and having to start from scratch from the ground up. 


Wags n Co is committed to always keeping tails wagging and pets happy, so we will be taking much-needed pet supplies down to Lismore to help fur-families out, and to hopefully get some tails wagging, cats purring and birds chirping again. 


Donations will be put towards pet food, beds, treats, toys, blankets, leads, collars and other pet supplies or medications that are needed by these families. 


If you would like to make a cash donation, please use this page to do so.  We have set up different amounts to suit a range of budgets as every little bit helps!  Feel free to bundle amounts to create a total amount that suits your budget. 


**  Please ensure you select the PICKUP FROM STORE on the final checkout page to delete the auto shipping cost **


Once supplies have been purchased, we will keep you up to date with receipts of items bought so you can see where your money has gone. 


** PLEASE NOTE - by purchasing a donation amount via this page, you are providing a cash donation for Wags n Co to use to purchase pet supplies for Lismore pets in need. You will not receive a physical product with your donation **


If you would prefer to donate physical items, please email Deni at for further information on how and where to do this.


Additionally, if you would like to purchase a bag of treats for a pup in need, feel free to purchase as you normally would and make a note at checkout advising us that it is to be donated, and we will add it to our donation box when we take supplies down to Lismore. 


Please feel free to email Deni at any time with any questions or queries at



Lismore Pet Relief Donations