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Your pups will love this yummy sweet treat!  Using organic Peanut Butter, Banana's, Carob and added Flaxseeds, this Cookie Crumble has been baked, dehydrated then blended to form a crumbly powder.  It is ideal for dogs that have teeth problems and can't chew our harder cookies, or simply used to enhance the flavour of their food. 


Just mix an even amount of Crumble with water and spread it on a LickiMat or in a Kong Toy for your pup to enjoy whilst you are out.  Or just sprinkle a small amount on top of their food to give them a sweet treat!


All ingredients in our Cookie Crumble are organic and 100% natural and human grade. No animal-based ingredients - our Cookie Crumble is 100% vegan!


Store in the refigerator

Cookie Crumble (Peanut Butter, Banana, Carob & Flaxseed) (VEGAN)

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